During electronics exhibition CES 2014 Intel company made an emphasis on portable computers. And now Intel pays special attention to potentially profitable branch – portable electronics.Intel For instance – company presented the concept of smart headset Jarvis – this is a version of a digital Intel assistant. The appearance of Bluetoth-device is rather strange, and it is placed on the ear of the owner. By connecting to special application, Jarvis can interact with the smartphone receiving the information about navigation, closest restaurants and performing a lot of other functions. Besides, CEO of Intel Brian Krzanich accounced that his company as many other companies in IT industry today develops its own watch for the concurrence with Sony, Pebble, Samsung etc. In difference with many other concurrents this watch will not need smartphone for the complete functioning because it has its own connection means. Also the device supports Geofancing technology for receiving notifications depending on the user’s location.

This kind of watch can be produced later this year. There is one more interesting product which was shown on the exhibition – miniPC Edison which is produced in format of usual SD-card, In the basis of the computer is a dual-core single-chip Quark, embedded support of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Edison works on Linux platform and even has its own application shop. Of course, Edison was created mostly for developers, Intel hopes that such a compact and powerful computer will be used for creation of the new generation of portable devices. To demonstrate the potential of Edison company showed the collection of Nursery concepts.

For instance, such device can be put on infant and can look like a toy frog and can measure temperature and transmit the measurements to the cup of coffee: if baby feels good there will be a green smile on the cup, if not – red indicator. To encourage developers to create more interesting and viable concepts, Intel announced about competition “Make it Wearable” with prize fund of $1.3 mln. To make portable devices more attractive, Intel decided to work on creation of portable device together with leaders in the sphere of fashion - Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Opening Ceremony and also with a sales network Barneys New York. The first result of the cooperation – concept of the bracelet on basis of Intel technologies and design of Opening Ceremony, which will be sold by Barneys New York.But there is still a question when it will be produced and what functions it will have.


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