On CES electronics exhibition Intel Company announced that is working on creation of the platform to launch two operating systems at once – Android and Windows will work on one device.Dual OS

It is supposed that switch between two OS – Android and Windows on the same device will be made by one single click on the special button.

Nowadays the representatives of Intel still are not ready to comment about on which exact devices this platform will be used.

Let us remind that ASUS is working on the same solution. It develops a new computer  TD300LA which will be equipped with two operating systems – Windows and Android.

Besides two operating systems new computer will be equipped with powerful processor of Intel company - Intel Core i3-4020Y and even more powerful Core i7-4610Y. 

It is supposed that new device will be a hybrid of laptop and tablet. Nevertheless it is still not known yet how it will be realized.


Hybrid computer ASUS TD300LA will be based on platform Intel Bay Trail and work under the control of processor Intel Atom with four cores.



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