PrivatebankPrivatBank, largest bank in Ukraine and a key player in CIS region, has become the largest corporate user of Linux software in the world. According to released information, corporate version of Ubuntu Linux is installed on more than 36500 computers in 4 different countries.

For reference: Linux is installed on more than 22000 computers in second largest Peugeot Citroen Corporation network.

“The main advantage that we will get using Linux - an unbelievable flexibility of setup and possibility of central management of employees’ computers. The possibilities that come with Linux allow us to implement new products and solutions almost instantly, says PrivatBank’s director of IT department, Dmitriy Dubilet. When we were choosing between Linux and Windows, saving on paid licenses was not even considered, he added.”

Ubuntu has been chosen to be a basic OS for the bank’s computer infrastructure. It is used by Google, Amazon and other leading multinational companies.

We, at DynaBoot believe, that Linux is very handy to use when it comes to a quite wide spectrum of application, from corporate to home use as well as management of personal servers. In our range of products, this OS is the most popular, because it gives the customer the freedom to set it up for his/her liking, is simple in use and versatile enough to be a platform for various applications.

Do you agree with us and the choice of leading IT and multinational giants? Linux is becoming more and more popular and we would like to know what you think about it.

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