Linux NvidiaNvidia, largest designer of graphics chips, after forwarding a part of their video chip documentation to Nouveau team, has decided not to stop at what has been accomplished.

Recently, as a strategy to empower game developers, the company has introduced a new platform - GameWorks. The platform is aimed at simplifying game development and improvement of the quality of game experience for PC gamers. Game developers will have access to libraries, documentation and SDK for more than 300 visual effects developed by Nvidia.

The most interesting thing is that Tony Tamasi (Senior Vice-President of Content and Technology at Nvidia) confirmed the availability of GameWorks tools for Linux-based platforms. This will take place on the day of the official SteamOS release.

“When SteamOS ships, we'll have tools that support SteamOS”. - Tony Tamasi, SVP of Content and Technology, NVIDIA

At the moment the talk is about the official support of Ubuntu, Android and SteamOS, which will be provided under equal conditions as for Windows-developers. At the moment Windows developers have the following tools at their disposal: VisualFX SDK, Core SDK, PhysX SDK, Graphics Library, Game Compute Library and Optix SDK. Moreover, NVIDIA will support Linux-developers by marketing and promoting their creations, because now they can be a part of «The Way It's Meant to be Played» program.

As for the visual effects, which are an update for PhysX, they are divided into three software packages: Flex, GI Works and Flame Works:

  • Flex, allows simulating the interaction of solids with liquids.
  • GI Works makes it possible to create a global illumination in real-time.
  • Flame Works is designed to help developers to demonstrate a realistic flame and smoke.


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