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Want to earn extra bucks? We would like to turn your attention to a unique opportunity that is up for grabs for everyone interested. DynaBoot has been rapidly growing in all aspects of our life. We have more hardware, more people, more clients and more options for everyone to benefit from.


One of the largest Linux users

PrivatebankPrivatBank, largest bank in Ukraine and a key player in CIS region, has become the largest corporate user of Linux software in the world. According to released information, corporate version of Ubuntu Linux is installed on more than 36500 computers in 4 different countries.


Nokia. Life goes on...

Nokia and Alcatel

After Stephen Elop’s departure the title of Nokia’s CEO has migrated to Risto Siilasmaa, formerly known as a founder, largest shareholder and ex CEO of F-Secure corporation, the manufacturer of antivirus solution.


Nginx web server and Cached Wordpress

Cached Wordpress on NginxIn our recent posts we have discussed Wordpress performance on various operating systems and with use of different instruments.

Creating an RPM package for CentOS 6.4x64

The following article is a tutorial on how users can create an RPM package for CentOS 6.4x64


RPM packageWe gladly help our clients to sort some day to day issues, and now, with this tutorial we want to shed the light on how to create an RPM package in order to eliminate any controversies.

Make your Wordpress to fly

Question that most frequently arises among the owners of Wordpress blogs is how much traffic it will handle. Usually it happens when one thinks of upgrading or getting a more powerful server.

Windows Server VPS announce

We are happy to announce that now you can order VPS with Windows Server OS.


We are growing!

DynaBoot is growing!

 Good News! We've acquired new powerful Supermicro servers that are hosted in Evoswitch data center in the Netherlands.

FreeBSD Kernel Log Fix Syslog-ng

     One of the most important things in the world of servers is assembly / storage / performance analysis of different services logs (log-files).


Redesign of our Shopping Cart

Hi! We have completed the redesign of our shopping cart.
Now you can enjoy new good looking pictures for plans with CPU and OS logos.