Windows XPChina asks not to stop the support of Windows XP from 8-th of 2014. This information is actively spread by Chinese Mass media, it is said that China Goverment asked Microsoft to prolong the support of Windows XP.

The Operation System Windows XP was released in Redmond 12 years ago, on 8-th of April.

Now this is a real problem, because the absence of Windows XP updates may cause a great amount of cyberattacks and growth of illegal copies of the OS, as it was said by Yan Xiaohong, vise-director of China's National Organization for the Protection of Copyright.

It is still a secret in which way Chinese Government asked Microsoft about prolonging of XP.

It also should be taken into accountant that Microsoft temporally lowered the price for Windows 8 to 49$ and possibly this was done to encourage people to switch from Windows XP.

Besides, Windows XP is still popular on 1/3 of the OS market and takes half of the Chinese market.

Source: Neowin



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