The support of Windows XP finishes on 8-th of April in 2014, and now the question of the possible alternative to Windows XP is getting more and more important.Ubuntu

“Business Korea” informs that local IT companies consider Ubuntu on Linux basis as one of the most perspective variants for setting up on PC after the finishing of the official support of Windows XP by Microsoft. They think that Ubuntu is developed enough to think about setting this OS instead of Windows XP.

Nowadays more and more people are looking forward to Linux. But this is not a system for a usual user to cope with, because it differs from standard “Windows” and there are no Microsoft programs which are liked by users and there are some problems with drivers. The main advantage of the OS on Linux basis is that it is for free and users are not to pay for its updates.

Ubuntu is now an enough mature system for the serious usage, and useful graphic items will help those who are still dependent on Windows. The main programs are set up automatically and it is possible to set up various media codecs  during the process of installations. As it is written by “Business Korea” now users don’t have much demand in program bundles and they can make most of actions by just a browser.

There is a good example of the refusal of using Microsoft systems. They started to distribute OS Ubuntu on CD-media in Munich especially for those users who are not able to download the OS themselves. The project of moving to another OS began in 2007: 15 thousand of PC in 22 departments and in more than 50 establishments started using ubuntu and all this time were mastering a new system. As a result, Munich diminished the dependence from Microsoft and its bundles: ODF documents are widely used, and instead of Microsoft office bundle an OpenOffice is used, and people use Ubuntu instead of Windows.

But the thing is that Germans were ready for using Ubuntu in advance, and Koreans started to think about this issue just now. There is a big advantage of Ubuntu for Koreans – the support of the Korean language.


So now Koreans think of moving to a stable, independent and free OS which will be available for everyone. There is only one obstacle – the game StarCraft which became an element of the national Korean culture, and this is a problem for the distribution of Ubuntu which is not compatible with this game.



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