Ubuntu cdcover2 November 2013 (12.00) - Ubuntu 13.10 InstallFest will be held in Moscow. During the affair, Ubuntu Desktop 13.10 CDs will be handed out. In addition, InstallFest organizers and its participants will give assistance to all newbies with installation of this OS to Laptops and other issues, connected to use of GNU/Linux.

Preliminary program:

  • Organizers’ greetings

  • “Practical application of Ubuntu around the world. Famous success stories”. Dmitriy Shurupov, “Flant”.

  • “Russian speaking Ubuntu society. It’s contribution to Ubuntu use at home and for business”. Stanislav Pogorzjelskiy, Ubuntu Russian LoCo Team.

  • “Updates in new Ubuntu and recent trends for the project”. Kirill Lebedev, POWERCOMP.

  • “Contribution of Moscow’s Linuxoids into promotion of *nix-systems to masses”. XMs, MLUG (Moscow Linux User Group).

  • “Use of GNU/Linux for real tasks” MGU Bioengineering and bioinformatics faculty members.

  • “Two years with Ubuntu in business” Dmitriy Popov. “Audit 911” General Director.

  • “Russian success realities with Ubuntu” Juriy Tatarskiy (Progressive Operating Systems), Dmitriy Shurupov (“Flant”), Kirill Lebedev (POWERCOMP).

  • Open conversation about GNU/Linux, including Ubuntu and CPO.

  • Prize drawing by affair partners.


  • Ubuntu Russian LoCo Team


  • Room 221, MGU Bioengineering and bioinformatics faculty, Building 73, MGU 1, Leninskie Gory, Moscow.

NOTE: Preliminary registration needed to enter building. Registration form can be found here.



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