Intel announced computer with two OS

On CES electronics exhibition Intel Company announced that is working on creation of the platform to launch two operating systems at once – Android and Windows will work on one device.Dual OS


CES 2014 portable microcomputers Intel

During electronics exhibition CES 2014 Intel company made an emphasis on portable computers. And now Intel pays special attention to potentially profitable branch – portable electronics.Intel


Ubuntu is an alternative to Windows XP in Korea

The support of Windows XP finishes on 8-th of April in 2014, and now the question of the possible alternative to Windows XP is getting more and more important.Ubuntu


LG monoblock based on Chrome OS

LG Electronics will introduce the first in the world computer-monoblock on the basis of OS Google Chrome. It will happen on the international exhibition of the electronics CES in January 2014.LG Monoblock Chrome OS


Protect your traffic with I2P on Debian

I2P Anonymous Network

To install I2P router, add I2P repository in:

echo "deb stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list
echo "deb-src stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/i2p.list

Ubuntu InstallFest

Ubuntu cdcover2 November 2013 (12.00) - Ubuntu 13.10 InstallFest will be held in Moscow. During the affair, Ubuntu Desktop 13.10 CDs will be handed out. In addition, InstallFest organizers and its participants will give assistance to all newbies with installation of this OS to Laptops and other issues, connected to use of GNU/Linux.


Flashcache 3.0 module released

FacebookFacebook has announced a new significant version of Flashcache 3.0, a system for transparent caching of data on fast SSD-drives, designed in the form of a kernel module for Linux, using a framework Device Mapper (DM).


DynaBoot Affiliate Program

DynaBoot affiliate

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One of the largest Linux users

PrivatebankPrivatBank, largest bank in Ukraine and a key player in CIS region, has become the largest corporate user of Linux software in the world. According to released information, corporate version of Ubuntu Linux is installed on more than 36500 computers in 4 different countries.


Nokia. Life goes on...

Nokia and Alcatel

After Stephen Elop’s departure the title of Nokia’s CEO has migrated to Risto Siilasmaa, formerly known as a founder, largest shareholder and ex CEO of F-Secure corporation, the manufacturer of antivirus solution.