Monitoring of your server

The best choice to monitor your server is DynaBoot, available twenty four hours, seven day per week. You will be provided with quick email messages when the situation with breaking server arises. We are going to propose you high level help of monitoring your server for extra money and our clients have access to process tables and information messages. Administration branch of our company will prepare our server for needed services and other important things for your.

Providing necessary supporting

We always try to satisfy your needs, provide different type of secure and make your surfing on our website free and protecting. Our staff understand the importance of clients needs and have qualification and possibility to make any website successful and prosperous. Our team knows what measures and instruments use achieving the top.

System Administrator Exclusive!

When any problem with all servers in our net arises, they are organized to work on their own. But in the case of your necessity to input or to change extra software, our staff would be pleased to propose you unique service «Personal System Administrator» at additional price 35$ for an hour. Our team will evaluate the time we need to cope with the problems connected with your order and propose responsible person for quick decision and resolving all troubles you faced with.

Patterns for your needs

Our team propose you the next VPS samples and preinstalled specialized servers:
Windows Server 2008 R2
Gentoo Linux

PCI DSS Compatible DC

Due to eliminate fraud and control any other risks connected with this question, we propose you PCI DSS standards. All users can be sure there are no threaten for your credit card, the environment for processing is absolutely save. And it allow for our clients be involved in e-commerce, to transfer the data of credit card and a lot of other operation.

Supporting of security

Technicians from our team adapt the firewall policy for the needs and requirements of our clients and install VPNs to provide high level of secure for all operation with your server.

Highly qualified team

Our team is educated, experienced, well skilled as engineers as a customers, who all the time support high imagine and reputation about us. They care about all clients and tackle with any difficulty, helping to resolve problem that can be raised.