Supporting of security

Protecting your servers from multiple network attacks and viruses is a fundamental part of any DynaBoot managed hosting solution.

A firewall is a filter between your server and the Internet that is used to process the incoming traffic before it reaches the server, eliminating threats and blocking malicious attempts to access your server. Such processing doesn.t affect your server.s performance and allows only legitimate traffic.

Developed to handle security requirements of all sizes of businesses, our dedicated firewall solutions will prevent unauthorized access to your server, automatically blocking Trojans, worms and spyware. The strong degree of protection is ensured by the fact that firewalls run their own operational system and work autonomously, plus the spyware and virus detection engines are updated on a daily basis.

Our technicians will accommodate the firewall policy to your requirements and if necessary, implement VPNs for your end users or websites to securely connect to your server for additional fee $24.99.

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