Monitoring of your server

The nature of the Internet and the complexity of today's technology make it impossible to run error-free service 100 % of the time. Potential errors can interrupt the work of your server impacting how the visitors see your website. Failures can happen for numerous reasons:

  • lack of free disk space on the server prevents database from working correctly
  • human errors like misplacing cables, uploading wrong content
  • overflow of spam causes mail server failure
  • etc.

Whatever the reason of the downtime, if you don.t respond quickly you will lose visitors and money.

Server monitoring is crucial for ensuring uninterrupted and error-free work of your server, helping administrators to quickly identify and fix problems before they influence the end user.

DynaBoot offers a reliable high quality solution for monitoring your server 24/7. By default you will receive instant email alerts in case any of your servers go down. We also provide advanced server monitoring for additional fee, where a customer get a real time access to the monitoring panel with activity charts and alerts, also our admin department will configure your server to monitor services you need and that are vital for you.

Disk status, load average, ssh connection, mysql status and time offset are the most often ordered services, but during the signup you can also specify your own services you wish to be monitored.

Additional server monitoring will cost you only $10 per month. In case the server or monitored services fails, you will be alerted by email. Also to access additional monitoring panel follow this link Additional Monitoring

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