PCI DSS Compatible DC

DynaBoot understands the need for reliable hosting solutions that.s why all of our servers are housed inside a state-of-the-art datacenter fully certified as PCI DSS compliant. this is an essential ecommerce security standard that is very difficult to achieve on your own. Such compliance puts our company in the top tier of managed hosting service providers.

The use of PCI DSS standards helps control and minimize the risk of fraud or compromising sensitive information. The implemented server hosting procedures ensure a secure environment for credit card processing, allowing our clients to store or transmit credit card data and engage in e-commerce.

Another important advantage of housing your servers in a PCI compliant DC is the elimination of the need for time consuming and expensive audits by third parties, which otherwise are an imperative prerequisite for all web merchants.

The PCI DSS Compatible data center we offer can guarantee a secure, compliant and successful hosting experience.

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