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Dynaboot guarantees the protection and non-disclosure of personal data. By using our services Customer automatically agrees to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy regarding the usage of collected personal data.

Protecting your privacy is one of our major commitments.
Dynaboot collects only necessary data about our Customers that is required for providing them with reasonable service. Privacy Policy regulates the process of collecting and using the Customer's personal information. It provides strict regulations as to which 'Personal Information' or 'PII' (personal identifying information) is collected, when and in which way Dynaboot can use it, how the Customer can edit it and who has access to the personal data. Accordingly, our Customers receive this explanation notice about our practices regarding the online information, possible data collection and usage options for better protection of their privacy. This notice can be easily found on our website.

Information Collected
Dynaboot can gather any of the Customer's personal information through automated sources such as cookies and communication profiles. Regarding the type of sale inquiry, support or service requested the required Customer's personal information may include username, email address, telephone and fax number, address, types of service provided, dates of service provided, domain name, payment history, date of payments, amount of payments, payment method, credit card or other payment information. Customer's financial information is only required to bill him for purchased services and products. For example, this information can be forwarded to the Customer's credit card provider if he purchases by credit card. All transferred Customer's personal information is gathered on a safe server. During data transfer a security icon appears in the browser.

Information Use
Dynaboot requires Customer's personal information to provide services, for Customer support and billing. This information can be also used to determine Customers' preferences. On our part, we take all reasonable safety measures to avoid unauthorized access to personal data. Therefore Customers have to provide additional information on their identity to gain access to their account. Customers may opt for Dynaboot newsletters at any time that are automatically sent to the first e-mail specified in the Customer's account on the monthly basis.

Most major modern websites use cookies, which are accepted by most browsers that are set up to. Customers can specify whether to notify them when cookies are received, or refuse to accept them. We do not force our Customers to use cookies but some pages will not function correctly if cookies are not accepted.

Cookies are tiny text files transferred from a website to the computer that contains an exclusive ID-number so the website can identify the user. This exclusive ID-number helps Dynaboot's servers to identify browser, but not the Customer itself, every time he visits No one can gain Customer's personal information including his address and real name based on cookies. Cookies only provide the information about particular computer that is used to browse the website. Cookies cannot run on Customer's computer, scan hardware for additional information or transmit it to anybody, as they are only text files. We use cookies to remember the Customer through his browser settings in order to provide user-tailored services. Dynaboot uses cookies for storing and occasionally tracking information about Customer's website experience. Customers benefit from using cookies as they save passwords and preferences so there will be no need to login next time they visit our website.

Disclosing Information
Except cases when Customer or public safety requires protection or in order to comply with legal process or applicable law Dynaboot guarantees that Customer's personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.

Correcting/Updating Personal Information
Customers can access and change personal information in their accounts or web-based management tools protected with password. Dynaboot also offers an option to review and edit provided information if any inaccuracies occurred to all Customers who have provided their personal information to Dynaboot.

If Customer cancels his Dynaboot account (no matter compulsory or voluntarily) all his personal information will be labeled as 'deactivated' and moved to subsequent databases. However, it does not mean that Customer's personal information will be entirely removed from the database after account deactivation. In order to enforce our agreements or resolve disputes Dynaboot reserves the right to keep and use Customer's personal information if necessary.

Opt Out
Dynaboot Customers receive free system updates, for example, mailings, invoice and newsletters by default. They can unsubscribe from receiving system updates at any time, however customers cannot opt out of important system messages as they could be necessary.

To prevent the unauthorized disclosure, alternation, misuse or loss of information Dynaboot utilizes measures of technical security. Customer's personal information is stored in Dynaboot's secured facilities for as long as it is reasonably required. Access to the Customer's personal information is only available to authorized individuals.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect Customer financial information (for example, a bank card number).
Customers are liable for keeping their Dynaboot password and login ID in safe. They must use and store credentials properly. We strongly recommend our Customers not to provide their passwords to anybody else. To make sure that other people cannot access Customer's account, personal information and private messages, particularly when Customer uses shared or public computer (e.g. computer in an Internet caf. or library), Dynaboot recommends its users to log out of their browser every time when computer session is over.

Changes to this Policy
Dynaboot can change the terms of Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion. Once the terms of Privacy Policy are modified, we will inform our clients about the changes by posting them here and will replace the current version of Privacy Policy. Customers should realize that Dynaboot will take all reasonable actions to put any changes across. Still we strongly recommend our Customers to read Privacy Policy every time they enter our website to make sure it meets their approval.

Contacting Us
Please contact us at for details about what information we collect or if you still have some questions on Dynaboot Privacy Policy.